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The hour of the butterfly

(het uur van de vlinder)

‘Absolute top in storytelling. Harrowing and beautiful.'
Walter Jansen, Jansen & de Feijter, Velp
Dutch bookseller of the year 2014

'Unadorned and convincing.'

NHD | Noord-Hollandse Dagbladen

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The Hour of the Butterfly is an epic novel about four French comrades from a village in Burgundy who hard-handedly become acquainted with the harsh reality of the trenches, in 1914. What becomes of beauty in the worst possible circumstances? Will it be useless, or as valuable as a diamond? After survival, after the horror and ugliness — how can you believe in tomorrow again? How can you find meaning, and turn your life to a lighter, brighter side? What can we learn from a butterfly?