A story of laughter and death

(De lach en de dood)

Currently, Pieter is writing a tv-screenplay of seven episodes of 'A story of laughter and death'. In English.

'In A story of laughter and death, daily life in a concentration camp is portrayed so strikingly and truthful that I can recommend this book without any reservation.
I feel great admiration for the writer.'

Robert Cohen, Auschwitz-survivor, camp number 174708

met robert cohen

'This novel gives an equally fierce and true picture of the moral dilemmas of a camp prisoner.'
Prof. dr. J. M. Th. Houwink ten Cate
Director Centre for Holocaust- en Genocide Studies, Amsterdam

'It's a profound, beautiful and horrific story that represents all emotions, with a lot of humour as well.
It's a book with a soul.'
Literary Netherlands

'An oppressive book, but fantastically written. One of the very best novels I've read on this subject.'
Jan Meng, RTV Noord-Holland

'His novel is a bold venture, but he succeeds gloriously. It is a stirring and great novel. Thanks to his thorough research and pure and effective style, it moves the reader down to the last page. Conclusion: a perfect balance.'
NBD | Biblion (review for Dutch Libraries)

'A story of laughter and death is not a very heavy book, but a gripping story of bitter times about how laughter can give comfort and love can offer hope.'
JAN Magazine

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In the darkest place on earth, humour can be survival

A Jewish comedian in a death camp performs for his fellow prisoners and ultimately for the SS in order to save the woman he loves. Will (s)he survive?